Short Stacks

"Mini Chefs with BIG Appitites"


About this Program

Short Stacks is a program offered for afterschool programs, special visitor events, or mommy-and-me playgroups.  This program is a GREAT way to educate children on not only cooking skills, but also zoning in on literacy, math, fine motor, large motor, listening skills.  

In this class:

When you sign up for the 6 week, 45 minute class, each child will receive an apron that will be decorated during the first class.  

In each class, we will read a story about our food choice, "shop" for the items on our list, measure all the ingredients, and use the necessary skills needed to prepare easy, kid-friendly dishes.


Weekly Afterschool programs

If you are a school, and interested in Short Stacks being offered as a weekly, afterschool program, contact Andrea at to set up dates, times, and prices.


How can I sign up for a class?

You can easily sign up for an existing class here, but don't be discouraged if you don't see one that fits your needs!  Each class just needs a minimum of 5 children, and I can easily do each class in someone's home, if needed!  


School/Special Events

If you are a school or a parent who is interested in having Short Stacks come for a one time event, email Andrea at to schedule dates, times, and prices.