Heave Ho!

Reading:  Read "Heave Ho!" by Jose Lucio.
Fine Motor:  Let's make bird feeders to keep those pesky birds away from the worms!  Lace cheerios through pipe cleaners and shape them into a circle.  tie a string around and then hang on your tree!
Art:  Dip cooked pasta into paint and make a colorful spaghetti worm masterpiece!  Use one noodle, or use as many as you like!
Sensory:  Fill a sensory bin with soil and a few pieces of cooked pasta.  The pasta looks like worms!  Use tweezers to try and get them all out.
Science:  In a small, clear container, put worms in soil.  Watch the worms dig around in the soil to hide deeper and deeper.  When the soil gets wet, watch them all come up for air!
Math: Make edible worms in mud and dirt!  In separate containers, fill one with chocolate pudding, one with oreo crumbles, and one with gummy worms.  Place signs in front of each to label how much of each to put in their cup.
Example:  2 scoops of pudding, 1 scoop of cookie, and 3 worms.  Enjoy your muddy snack!